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In 1919, J.A. Routhier opened up his bakery in Marbleton in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec. His son Gilles eventually joined the team, where he was given the opportunity to learn about the equipment needs of a typical bakery. The practical experience thus acquired eventually gave way to the company as it stands today. More than 80 years later, the Routhier family continues to make its mark in the bakery field. Today located in St-Hubert on Montreal’s south shore, Routhier + Fils continues to diversify its business activities and sells an increasingly vast range of products to its clientele. A family business from father to son . . . at your service.

We distribute a full line of Ovens, Proofers, Spiral Mixers, Planetary Mixers, virtually all your bakery Equipment needs and bakery accessories. We specialize in the sale of everything you need to do business—whether you operate a small corner-store bakery or a large-scale industrial bakery and/or pastry shop.

We are one of the largest vendors of Baking pans in America. Our extensive inventory ensures that you always benefit from a consistent and efficient replenishment pans of all sizes. We carry a complete inventory of new and reconditioned pans.

At Routhier + Fils, you’ll find all types of bakery and pastry products: divider-formers, formers, dividers, rounders, ovens, etc. We carry the complete product lines of renowned suppliers Pavailler, Bertrand/Puma and CFI. You’ll therefore find everything you need to carry out your bakery and pastry projects—from preparation and cooking all the way to marketing. Over the years, we have become our clients’ business partners. Regardless of your bakery’s or pastry’s start-up needs, we will assist you every step of the way to ensure that you make the right choices. Routhier + Fils will advise you with respect to the purchase of the equipment you need to give shape to your project. We’ll use all of our experience to assess your needs and closely follow your company’s development. Routhier + Fils employs leading designers and technicians who are specialized in the implementation of bakery and pastry projects.

We are well aware of all the importance you place on the quality and reliability of your equipment. That’s why we also offer in-house manufacturing of custom-sized protective covers that adapt perfectly to your needs. Our specialized workers can meet not only the needs of large industrial operations but also those of small- and medium-sized bakery and pastry shops.

In short, Routhier + Fils is the fruit of our family’s efforts in the bakery and pastry fields for more than 80 years now. We know what your company requires to succeed: high-quality and reliable equipment, a range of specialty products and accessories, and a judicious consultation service to enable you to make the right decisions. From oven mitts all the way to industrial-strength bread ovens, Routhier + Fils is there to help make your business venture a success.

Our specialties
•    New and Reconditioned Bakery equipment and accessories
•    New and Reconditioned Pastry equipment and accessories
•    New and Reconditioned Baking pans